With ReadyPay Online, your business can manage its workforce more efficiently and more productively with fewer manual processes. With the end-user experience in mind, it was developed in-house by Proliant developers.


Your business can utilize ReadyPay Online for performance management, payroll, WOTC, and more. By allowing the software to automate HR and payroll tasks for you, you will be able to get the most out of your HR and payroll staff. The RPO portal has several advantages. Please read on for more information about those advantages.

Benefits Offered By Ready Pay Online Platform

  • Your employees can easily navigate open enrollment periods with ReadyPay Online.
  • Cloud storage is used to store employee data and time cards.
  • Using ReadyPay Online, you can avoid costly errors caused by duplicate or manual data entry.
  • By integrating Proliant ReadyPay Online employee demographics with the employee dimension, the employee dimension is created and updated. Since all employee information is propagated in real-time, it is no longer necessary to manage and update it across multiple systems.


  • In various dimensions of your choice, Proliant creates and publishes your real-time salary and accumulated postings. Detailed sizes provide more meaningful information.
  • Using ReadyPay Online, you can view employee details from anywhere.
  • You can automatically sync people, schedules, and PTO between two great platforms.
  • Automated labor laws for your city or state can protect your business.
  • No matter which vendor handles expense management, Proliant collects approved expenditures and transfers them to the payroll department. It is unnecessary to reduce manual controls or to create a separate ACH file, including any reimbursement costs that are deposited directly into the employee’s next payroll.
  • Your employees, their work hours, and their payroll are automatically synced between Proliant and ReadyPay Online. In addition to payroll exports, this API integration keeps employee information current on ReadyPay Online.