Proliant is a driving force for the #PeopleFirst economy. Their fully integrated, cloud-based HR tools simplify payroll and all HR processes, improve accuracy, and ensure compliance for more than 5,000 clients in various industries across all 50 states. Furthermore, in the #PeopleFirst Economy, companies and their employees demand HR and payroll solutions that make their jobs easier for employees, managers, and administrators.


Using Proliant, you can synchronize your employees’ work hours and payrolls with ReadyPay Online. The API integration is more than merely a payroll export; it also keeps ReadyPay Online’s employee information up to date.They believe that companies can thrive in this ever-changing environment with the right HR technology. But technology alone will not make the difference. With their award-winning professional service team, you can solve any problem you may have.

They offer the best-personalized service available. Their industry experience of 25+ years gives them in-depth knowledge of all major industries. Their best partners ensure that all of these requirements are met.

Using your payroll platform of choice, you can take full advantage of our easy-to-use scheduling and support software. Keeping your employee data up-to-date on both systems in real-time means you never have to enter the same data twice.


Maintain employee records and organize your payroll by location, department, or even by individual employee. By using ReadyPay Online, you can always see where your money is going and make informed decisions based on real data. As part of ReadyPay Online, employees can access a self-service portal. Additionally, ReadyPay Online helps your employees manage open enrollment periods easier.

Their ReadyPay Online service supports the entire ReadyPay product line. It provides your business with access to applicant tracking, onboarding, performance management, law enforcement solutions, affordable care, time and labor, payroll, performance management, WOTC, and the entire human resources department.