Proliant is at the core of the #PeopleFirst economy. More than 5,000 clients in various industries in all 50 states use their fully integrated, cloud-based HR tools to simplify payroll and all HR processes, improve accuracy, and ensure full industry compliance. The #PeopleFirst Economy also demands that companies and their employees use HR and payroll solutions that facilitate the work of users, managers, and administrators.


Aside from ReadyPay Online, Proliant offers several other solutions to its customers and partners. They are all unique and extremely impressive. In the next section, we discuss these solutions in more detail.

Solutions Offered By Proliant

Applicant Tracking & Recruitment

The flexible application builder gives you an edge in the war for talent, with a modern interface and text messaging capabilities that give your applicants the experience they deserve.

Employee Onboarding

With Proliant, your employees will have all the tools they need to be productive members of your team from day one. You also remove any compliance risks associated with employee onboarding.

Time and Labor Management

By using this tool, you can understand your labor requirements and plan accordingly while providing your employees with real-time access to their schedules, time cards, and time-off balances.


Payroll and Tax Services

Your employees can be paid accurately, on time, and without putting themselves at risk from the IRS with this solution. The ideal world would be one in which everything just works, including tax filings, contractor payments, and unlimited payroll runs.

HR & Benefits Administration

This streamlines your HR and employee benefits processes to ensure your employees are informed and confident when enrolling in benefits.

Performance Management

Workplace performance management helps you build a culture of consistent two-way communication in order to empower your workforce through continual development and coaching. The program facilitates employee performance reviews, employee goals, and certifications while keeping important notes and documents.