Reset Credentials

Whenever you need assistance with compliance, tax, or payroll matters, you can contact your Proliant account manager. ReadyPay Online automates repetitive processes like collecting employee data and reporting incidents, so your hardworking employees can focus on more important things.


Employees should be able to navigate open login hours quickly and efficiently. Automate this process by synchronizing employee records and dividing payroll journal entries according to the department, location, and even individual. You can make informed, fact-based decisions to create change when you know where your money is going.

How To Reset Your Forgotten Credentials?

Following these steps will help you recover your ReadyPay Online account credentials if you forgot them. For reference, we mention the two recovery steps (username recovery step and password recovery step). We’ll walk you through them.

Recover Username

  • Go to the ReadyPay Online home page at if you cannot find your username.
  • Below the box for entering your username, there is a “Forgot your username?” Link.
  • The username reset page will open once you click on it.
  • The following information is required: Last name, First initial, last 4 digits of SSN, postcode, and email address.
  • By clicking the Submit button below, you will be able to receive your ReadyPay Online username.


Reset Password

  • Visit the ReadyPay Online Sign In page at
  • The second place to look is in the center of the login page.
  • Below the password entry field, you will find the area “Forgot your password?” URL.
  • The password reset screen will appear when you click on it.
  • Fill in the username in the empty field.
  • You can retrieve your ReadyPay Online password by clicking the Go button below.

Having a clear understanding of lunch hours, breaks, and overtime regulations become a breeze. Additionally, Proliant offers many check-in and check-out options to its employees. Learn more about the benefits of using ReadyPay Online by contacting their Customer Success team today.